Customised Manufacturing


Our extensive portfolio of decorative lighting fixtures with custom work has transformed countless spaces. Spaces where new possibilities are born; spaces that feel like home though you’re miles away; spaces that beckon you to unwind. We just don’t do standard designs in the range of lighting fixtures for you. In order to suit your customized need, we accommodate your request to manufacture a newly designed lighting piece or styled chandelier.  Whatever the inspiration you have, imagination for a lighting design, we can shape the luminaire as per your fancy to create a lighting piece that is really intriguing. We understand the complexities of custom manufacturing and provide a consistent dedication to quality and customer support from start to installation and beyond. Our custom made lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall scones, pendant lights are used extensively in hotels, malls, restaurants and private residences. We define your spaces with customized lights one of it kind, unique and embellishing.