Commercial Permissions & Approvals


Light itself, and minor domestic light fittings, are not subject to planning controls.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to install external lighting for security or other purposes, you should ensure that the intensity and direction of light does not disturb others. Many people suffer extreme disturbance due to excessive or poorly-designed lighting.

The Middle East Lighting Association (MELA) is an international non-profit making association formed in 2012 by Gulf Advanced Lighting, GE Lighting, Osram, Philips Lighting & Tridonic..

MELA is an active association which supports the development of efficient lighting policy in the Middle East region.

MELA’s principle aim is to represent the interests of the leading lighting product manufacturers in their support to legislators across the region in drafting and implementing policy (standards and regulations) for lighting related products and services across the Middle East region.

MELA is dedicated to promoting energy efficient lighting practice for the benefit of the global environment, human comfort, and the health and safety of consumers.