Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

October 27 2012

eid mubarak, retail lighting

Let me take this auspicious occasion of EID to give a glimpse of new LED lighting technology in Retail lighting and its benefits. It is the time to switch to LED lighting from the traditional metal haloids, halogens, incandescent lamps to the new generation completely eco-friendly, energy saving LED lighting technology...

LED lighting in Retail:

Shopping today has become an experience! People go shopping for different reasons, such as discovery, social interaction, recognition, responsibility and necessity. They might be driven by a different motivation each time they go and the setting in which they shop should reflect this.

Our LED solutions are uniquely suited  for retail outlets. They can provide a wide range of effects that contribute to the total shopping experience and allow you to set the right scene for every occasion. LED solutions can highlight a product, create drama and interest, but can also reflect mood, helping create the perfect environment for the shopping experience. We can help you make the switch to LED easier than you could possibly imagine, enhancing life in your store with the power of light.

What all the benefits for a retailer:

  • Investment return assured within 300 days with electricity bills and maintenance cost cuts
  • Reduces heat produced from traditional lightings, 65 percentage which will effect high performance of AC ventilation system and penetrate customers to stay more at outlets.
  • No short circuits or electric shock
  • Resolves your load capacity issues and allow you to explore more lighting in your showroom the way you actually wanted.
  • No Mercury means healthier environment
  • No CO2 which makes a better environment and makes food more nutritious and healthy for F&B outlets
  • No maintenance required for years, can reduce lot of human resource and efforts to obtain mall permissions, arranging a reliable contractor, police permissions, security permissions, keeping up staff at night, risking your valuable assets. Etc. With LED lighting you resolve all these obstacles with one time SMART investment.

Together we can make a better WORLD....

May this EID illuminate your Empathy for humanity..

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