5 Tips to Know Before Shopping Light Fixtures

5 Tips to Know Before Shopping Light Fixtures

5 Tips to Know Before Shopping Light Fixtures

September 29 2019

Know Your Measurements, Budget your Money, Decide your Style, Manage your Time, Choose a Color

5 Tips to Know Before Shopping Light Fixtures

Smiley faceCheck out 5 tips and tricks for light fixture shopping that can save you time and money.

Before purchasing any new light fixtures for your home, there are some tips that makes your process easier! Getting new light fixtures can be awesome, as lighting alone can refresh and change the vibe of your home.


1. Know Your Measurements - This is likely the most significant factor when picking lighting fixtures. If you get a fixture that is entirely too large or too small for your space it is going to look weird. The following is a rundown of things you will need to know the measurements of:

a. Ceiling Heights
b. Table Length (kitchen table, patio table, etc. Wherever the light is going)
c. Kitchen Island Length
d. Vanity (typically bathroom vanity)
e. Room Size (used when shopping for fans)

2. Budget your Money Smiley faceHow much are you intending to spend? Knowing this will help narrow down your search. This tip is extremely useful for our staff so they can work with you! Fixtures can be costly and we really appreciate you letting Lighting Design be the company to help you in this endeavor. So, set your spending limit beforehand. In this way, our team of lighting specialists will be able to help you choose light fixtures within your budget as they are great at it and it would make the process easier.

3. Decide your Style - What interior style are you going for in your home? Lighting can sometimes take a backseat when it comes to a design project and is generally left until the last minute. If you have a color theme for your area then having the lighting match this can add a nice continuity throughout the project and helps the lighting blend into the decor. In case you're searching for your lights to be one of the main design features then having contrasting finishes can be a great visual effect. Check with your interior designer or with our designers and see which lighting options best match the style you want.

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4. Manage your Time - Ensure you permit yourself the appropriate amount of time to get all the ideal installations you need. What you are trying to light directly influences the measure of time you will spend in our showroom or on the web. The following are our suggestions on time:

a. Full House: 3-6 hours for homes with 2,500 sq. ft. or less, 8 hours for large homes which can be done in multiple visits too.
b. You can approx. 1 Hour for 1 room.
c. For Exterior Lights approx. 1 hour, sometimes longer in online can be taken.

5. Choose a Color Smiley face- Choosing a color scheme is pretty much up to you, but of course, there are some basic rules of thumb. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, give your home a particularly soothing and welcoming feel as they evoke memories and feelings associated with natural heat. Complementary colors, or colors across the wheel from one another, usually look good together. Cool colors such as blue, green, and purple give your home a serene vibe. Using a complementary combo of cool and warm can create delightful contrast, and a reasonable blend of vitality.


Whatever features you're searching for when looking for lighting; you can discover it here at LEDWORLD. In case you're prepared to begin shopping, you can find your perfect fit from our wide variety of well-priced, high-quality options.

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