Corporate Social Responsibility


As a Corporate Social Responsibility, Inspired Foundation Group upholds the noble causes of environment conservation and efficient energy by spreading awareness in the society to switch towards eco-friendly LED lighting applications and to save energy, conserve resources and protect the environment.


Inspired Foundation is raising an internal fund to donate 100,000 bulbs to the needy. They plan to convert the lighting at schools, old homes and orphanages to energy efficient and cost effective facilities. As LED bulbs are 100% eco-friendly, it’s an eventual pay back to the society.

They believe this initiative will propel the Eco- friendliness and green energy concepts in the rural areas and save significant cost in energy consumption, which will maximize earnings that can be invested for wiser causes. The push towards a green economy can be easily achieved by wide application and conversions to LED Lighting.

Should you wish to suggest any school, educational centers, orphanages, hospitals, old and needy homes do mail your suggestion to

A committee will investigate into the request and location and should the place be really needy and underprivileged, we would be quick to provide free illumination.