Corporate Social Responsibility

Like our lamps, we have a customized CSR platform that is exceptional to the lighting industry. Our platform, which drives our business model, includes but is not limited to:

  • Internal Reporting-Board of Directors internal reporting system for goal measurement and accountability.
  • Shareholder Collaboration -We are a living laboratory and a technology incubator; with an open window approach and encourage stake-holder inclusion and collaboration including science, academic, regulatory, and business communities. We do this through our Education and Advocacy Program and social media channels.
  • Board of Advisors -We take counsel from a Board of Advisors specializing in environmental and social enterprise, human health, and resource management.

For us, environmental sensibility and corporate social responsibility go hand in hand. We embed environmental considerations into our entire business model. The areas where these measures are most visible are in our material choices, our manufacturing, and our commitment for local assembly and distribution. Our non-profit and academic partners guide us on light pollution and safety regarding lighting designs, functionality, placement, and installation as well as product recycling program.


LED WORLD LLC is raising an internal fund to donate 100,000 bulbs to the needy. We convert schools, old homes and orphanages to energy-efficient and cost-effective facilities. Since our bulbs are 100% eco-friendly, it's an eventual pay-back society. We believe this initiative will propel the green-energy revolution in rural areas saving significant energy-consumption cost, which will maximize earnings that can be invested for wiser causes.